Tuesday, October 4, 2011

It's all relative...

Blake is officially potty trained. Thank You. Thank You. But please, hold your applause till the end of the post.

(Side Note: For all of you who wonder what my children actually look like- I tried to add a pic of my little guy right *here* but Blogger hates me too much and would not stop showing me the dumb exclamation mark in the triangle saying it was waiting for the pics that never came!! uggh! I try, I really do, it is hard to be hated by technology-- pouty face)

Anyways, we decided Pooping in the Toilet was about as big of an accomplishment as we could ask of our little 3 year old guy. It was a rough go at first. And he has been willing for a while to do #1 in the toilet, but still going to his favorite hiding place to do #2 in his pull up.

So a few months ago- I bribed him.

This is how I know Bribes Don't Work. (At the beginning of summer I bribed Riley with a Barbie Doll if she would jump off the diving board with her cousins at her Grandma's house. No go. She did not care at all about a prize- she would not jump in. Then a few months later we were there with our friends and out of the blue she jumps in! No bribing, no begging, just her own free will - of course she immediately reminded me of the Barbie I had promised months before! ) With Blake I bribed him with cars and monster trucks to just "do a poopie in the toilet" - that was two months ago. And although cars and trucks are his favorite he wouldn't take the bait.

Finally last week, of his own free will he did it. Just sat on the toilet and pooped. He was excited to show me what he called his "little poop" and then proceeded to remind me of the little car I owed him. I took him to Fred Meyer and he chose a single Hot Wheel. "Wow, that was easy" I thought "I was expecting him to go for the talking Lightning McQueen or that two foot Monster Truck! but no, he picks the smallest car here!" I patted myself on the back for a great bribe and a frugal child and we went home.

The next day he did it again. He was just as excited to show me his "long poop" and then proceeded to tell me that he would now take a "Limousine Car" and maybe tomorrow he would have a "Big Poop" so he could get the "Big Monster Truck"!!!

Not only does my son think each poop gets it's own vehicle- he thinks that the size of the poop is relative to the size of the reward!!

I am going to be in big trouble when he is a teenager!


  1. :) Hooray! I do not miss potty training boys one bit. BTW I used Windows LiveWRiter for my blogging adventures until I switched over to my Mac. WLR is a free download & makes adding pictures SO easy!!!

  2. Haha! I totally agree about the bribing- when it comes to big changes or possibly scary things. Especially potty training- bribing completely doesn't work with that for us either! (Or making my 4-yr old dance at her recital..a trip to Disneyland wouldn't have made her dance!) It actually makes me glad that they're not so easily swayed when it comes to big things, don't you think?

  3. Kudos to you -- he's only 3?? I'm excited that my 4-YEAR OLD finally poops in the potty now. After stickers and charts and light-up talking Lightning McQueen car as a prize (seriously), what finally motivated him was Skittles. 5 little Skittles for every poop, and Ta-da! He is potty-trained. Why didn't I think of that sooner? Anyway, congrats to you, and good luck resolving that little reward issue!

  4. Lucas totally names every poop. "Mom! I need wiped... I did a birdie poop!" or "snake poop!" I know, TMI. boys...