Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Interview

JT interviewed today at U.W. for their P.A. program. (which is in the Top 10 schools in the country!)

We are more confused than ever. And maybe farther from an answer to our favorite question "Are you moving to New York" than ever before.

Of course we will need to wait and see if he gets accepted (should hear back in 2- 3 weeks) and then start praying some more.

One thing JT said today was how confident he felt during the full day interview. I think it helped to know that he was accepted to a very strong program in NY to help him stay calm. He said he wasn't nervous at all and was able to be calm and answer the questions easily. He didn't have to feel like everything was riding on this interview since he already has acceptance at Rochester.

SO, is Rochester just the back up plan? Do we stay here if JT gets accepted? Or do we say thanks to Seattle and pack our bags anyways?

I am not sure of any answers right now. The only thing I know- is that I am married to an amazing guy. And that wherever he goes, I am going also. He has not let me down. He has pushed hard for years to reach his goals. He has not given up, even when most probably would have. He has stayed positive and optimistic. He has been thoughtful and understanding of me. It is a huge undertaking to change careers after you have graduated, after you have an established career, after you have a family to support- but he didn't let that scare him. We have made a lot of sacrifices, and have many more years of sacrifice before we are done, but to see the smile on his face- and satisfaction in his eyes tonight reminds me that it is all worth it.


  1. He is lucky to have you as his wife. You guys seem so great together.

    I am more confused than ever as well. I am feeling good about AZ still but had a phone interview today for a position there and it was awful. I really don't want the job at all. So confused and frustrated and wondering what is going to happen.

  2. So glad it went well! While I would love to have you stay, what I want most for you guys is to be where it is best for JT's career and your family. You'll know. And I can't wait to hear which one it is!

  3. I keep thinking, this will be great in hindsight, right?!? Seriously, you do have a great husband and he has a great, super supportive wife. :o) I can't wait to see what happens! Always thinking of you . . .

  4. Yay! You know I'm glad to hear the interview went well! And you know I'll keep giving Heavenly Father some suggestions on keeping the Tyler family around. ;)

  5. Good luck! I do not envy you. I hope everything gets settled soon so you can have some peace about it. Does it help for me to say I know exactly how you feel?!?

  6. Wow, you'll just be able to look back at these past weeks (and future few months), plus past couple of years and be in awe of how much you learned! I will be so happy for you whichever decision it ends up being.

  7. My husband compared your trials to Abraham. He prayed to have a son. After many years of trial and error, and much prayer, the Lord sent Isaac. Then the Lord asked him to sacrafice that long awaited son. It wasn't until Abraham gave his will to the Lord and decided to follow the unknown, but trusted path that things became easier. Good luck!!

    ~Lisa Lewis~