Monday, December 19, 2011

Oooppss - To Clarify

oooppssss- Sorry Everyone, Looks like I need to Clarify.

We ARE STAYING HERE and going to UW. :)

I keep having people ask if we have decided where we are going and I realized I have strung you along for years and never gave you a firm answer to our plans!

I think it is because it simply felt good. There was no big event, singing angels, or interesting story - it just felt good. For the first time in a couple years we have been able to just sit back and feel calm. In fact this whole thing played out so differently than I ever imagined. I saw us getting a thick envelope in the mail. I saw us eagerly opening it and then jumping up and down as we hugged and cried. I saw us calling everyone we knew and running through the streets shouting for joy. But in fact - it was a phone call. And it was JT casually turning to me to say he got accepted. It was us sighing relief. Going to the Temple to pray and feeling calm and content. It was us just sitting back and enjoying the new found peace in our lives. Sorry I forgot to pass that on to the rest of you.

So no New York for me. I guess the Big Apple just isn't ready for Katie Tyler yet... someday.

As for adventure--- We will be moving up to Seattle (if we can find renters for our house) in June. Classes start in June and then the full time schedule begins in September. With the intensity of the program and the amount of studying JT will need to do- there is no way to add in a 2 hour commute. This way he can come home for dinner and bed time with the kids and then head back to the Library to study without wasting time in traffic.

And I get my dream of living in the city.

Thank you all for your love and support. It has been fun for me to run into a lot of you lately who read my Blog and I had NO IDEA :)

And to everyone who already knew we were staying here- sorry for the boring informational blog! I am sure I will have something more juicy to write about soon.


  1. Skinny jeans are SO last year (2011) downtown. So are feaux hawks. Enjoy the city and all the great food near the university. Congrats and congrats.

  2. I'm so happy for you. The worst is over. Enjoy your new adventure!

  3. How exciting. That is great news. A change but you get to stay in WA. Even though you wanted to move, it still sounds great. I'm happy for you guyd.