Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Word

If you read my last post then you also went to Aubrey's Blog and you are basically waiting next to your computer, checking your phone, or staring at my blog waiting for this post.  Don't deny it.  Your life can't go on until you know what my Word is for this year.  You can hardly think about anything other than my expectations and resolutions for 2012.  So, without further ado... or much more further ado.  I give you my first ever word.  Not sentence.  (hey, this is hard for a girl whose only talent is the use of her words through talking and writing and joking- to just have one word!) Just a word.


(If I were Aubrey- and super awesome - I would have a really pretty picture and some cool photo shop stuff to make that word stand out. But alas, you are reading my blog, and not Aubrey's.  So you know there will be nothing of craft or talent.  Just a word. With the handy "italics" option. Give.)

This has resonated with me since I read her post a few weeks ago.  I even considered just stealing her word and committing a little plagiarism to kick off the new year, but something about that seemed like bad karma. :) Instead I looked back on 2011 and the one word that might describe last year.  My mind was filled with all of the kindness we received.  From people in NY willing to help me find housing in case we moved there.  To friends changing Macie's diapers and mopping my floors when I hurt my back.  And of course Christmas- and everything that went into that.  The word that came to me for 2011 was Gratitude. (In fact I made my first ever craft idea "The Grateful Board" that I look at every day!)   So it is only fitting if 2012 is filled with Giving.

So here is what I want to Give this year--

Give my Attention to my children
Give my Heart to JT
Give my Thoughts to prayer
Give my Time to those who need me
Give my Energy to my calling at church
Give my Talents an opportunity to improve
Give my Forgiveness to those who have Hurt me
Give my Body better care 
Give my Love wherever I can

This year I hope to need less.  I have to say- Needing was good for me this year.  Humbling.  Touching. Difficult.  But I feel like I have everything I could ask for.  Three fun adorable kids who light up each day.  A wonderful, thoughtful, kind husband who understands and adores me.  Acceptance to one of the best P.A. schools around.  Friends- who are real.  Money- ok, ok, I don't have that- but I don't lack it as much as many others in the world.  Faith- which caries me through and gives me hope.  So - if I can't ask for anything more - it must be time to give
I plan to keep a Journal where I can write down the "thing" that I gave that day.  And maybe sometimes- let you all know-- since you will probably be waiting on the edge of your computer desk for an update.  I hope it is filled with little phrases about giving a meaningful hug to my kids when they were hurt (or even fake hurt, which is often the case at our house), or that I gave my time to a friend by watching her kids while she was at a doctor's appointment- or even better- while she was out shopping because she just needed a break! or that I gave my Body a happy day by drinking enough water and driving past the drive thru instead of thru the drive thru, or that I gave JT my heart by thinking of his needs before my own.

Just saying the word give is making me smile already. 

I think it is going to be a great year.


  1. Love your word and love your idea of your give journal. That's perfect.

    Got your cute New Year's card. Thanks for sending us one!

  2. What a great idea! I love your word. Excited to see all the giving you do in 2012 (like sitting on the edge of my computer desk excited)!

  3. I love your word. How will I ever think of my own when the two of you have picked such perfect ones. You have inspired me. You will do great things!

  4. i love this word. and love your goals. you are so so inspiring katie. i still feel so blessed to have been your goal partner this past year. here's to an awesome 2012!!