Tuesday, January 31, 2012

postive consequences

Lately I have been working on positive thoughts.  Most of you know me as a pretty up beat, happy person- which is also what I consider myself (then again, I use to consider myself fearless, organized, and losing weight- all of which I have recently discovered I am not-- so maybe what I consider myself should not count). But I have been reading some articles dealing with thoughts that has made me wonder.  Is what is in my head different than what comes out of my mouth?  Or are some of my own negative thoughts even escaping my lips? And if so- what is this doing to me as a person?

I have been working on a little exercise to try to stop negative thoughts as soon as I have them.  But not just that- I want to produce positive thoughts as well.

A conversation between Katie and JT this evening:

Katie: Babe, I am dying here! I just want to BAKE something- and EAT something baked right now!!!
(thought bubble: don't do it, Katie, you are "giving your body better care"!)

JT: uh, ok, sorry about that.
(confused look because he just doesn't get the intense desire to bake!)

2 hours later:
Katie: (thought bubble, but maybe out loud, nobody was home to know if this was in my head or out loud)
Way to go, Me!  I didn't BAKE and therefore, I did not EAT an entire batch of anything baked! I am awesome!

(Here is a good example of my new Positive Thought Pattern.  Not only did I have the good thought (not to BAKE and EAT an entire batch of Cinnamon Rolls) but then Congratulating myself on a mini victory! Also a good example of how I like to ignore every English rule I ever learned, by adding parenthesis, dashes--, and whatever other strange grammatical mistake I can whenever I feel like it.)

5 minutes later:
Knock on my door.
Friend brings these.
No, my friend is not lame for taking a bite out of that cookie before she gave it to me, that is me diving in before I realized that this was a blogworthy moment.

Is this a Positive Consequence or what?!  Apparently all I have to do is THINK something POSITIVE and it will show up at my front door!

Right Now:
Katie: (Thought Bubble: ok, out loud, let's face it- just because I am alone I am still not quiet) Go me! Positive thinking will get you whatever you want! Wait, what else do I want??? Hurry before it wears off!

my first thought:
Someone to come mop my floors :)

any time now, people...

The moral of this story is: I am giving my body better care by having other people bring me yumminess so that I won't eat the entire batch- just  the entire plate one. Talk about Positive Consequences.

 Do you think JT will read this Blog and find out there was a plate of cookies here tonight??

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  1. haha! dang, girl. you make me laugh everytime i come to your blog.

    you are soo inspiring. i am going to work on starting with positive thoughts and then being aware of what comes out of my mouth. such an amazing goal to steal from you! ha!