Friday, December 4, 2009


A few years ago - some girlfriends and I decided to get together and make Gingerbread Houses.

Year #1
December 2006 (Heidi just pointed out that I have the dates wrong!)

Heidi, Katie, and Shelbi (I think the other girls had already gone home when we remembered the camera!)

I wish I was one of those really cool people who takes pictures of everything and every event and then puts them on their Blogs...

But since I am NOT that girl, here is a picture of Year #3! (but I guess I didn't take any of the other girls' houses... probably because they were so awesome that I would have felt like a loser putting up pics of my store bought cheesy house next to their homemade Food Network worthy mansions!!) Yes, I changed this to #3, since I am such a nerd I don't even have a pic of year #2!! oooopppsss.

Year #3, and the one that Riley made
December 2008

And HERE is YEAR #4!! Dec 3 2009

After 5 hours, 4 girls, and lots of food-- this is what we accomplished!

Heidi, Lindsey, Natalie, and Me

Apparently we were all running low on Christmas Spirit last night! First my frosting was too thick, then too thin, and then they all showed up without houses! So we tossed in the Frosting and decided to eat all of our goodies and call it good!

We had a great time just talking and hanging out. I don't think any of us missed making the Gingerbread House. So maybe we have new tradition???

FORTUNATELY when I woke up this morning, I had a helper ready to get started. We got Blake down for his morning nap and then made the perfect frosting. (not too thick, not too thin, where was that frosting last night?)

Riley's roof collapsed after she got a little too excited to wait for it to set and started on the candy. So we improvised and apparently she made a Gingerbread Single Wide.

WAY more candy in the tummy than in the house!

She's a pro.

She is SO my daughter!!

Luckily JT got home from class and dove in to help Riley so I could throw mine together before Blake woke up. (if you have seen Blake's chubs- you know what he would do if he saw a CANDY HOUSE!)

JT usually runs and hides when I have a project like this... UNLESS RILEY IS THERE! Then the Super Dad appears and he is just as excited as Riley to help. I LOVE watching them work together. And I really love the time it gave me to finish mine.

Finished Project :)

The Single Wide.

We'll see how long it lasts when Blake discovers it!


  1. UP-DATE
    I am reading all of your blogs right now, and I can hear Riley at the kitchen table talking to the Snowmen and Trees on her house!!

    I Love this Life!

  2. haha. that is so funny. I had fun last night. I knew you would all catch on to my BRILLIANT idea of not decorating and just eating idea. No mess, no stress. :) I just can't believe it took you all 3 years to get it figured out! Thanks for a fun night!

  3. I just realized that this is actually year number 4! The first year, I decorated which was 2006 right after our babies were born and we had that surprise baby shower for Shelbi. (look at the balloons in the background) Year 2007, was the first year I showed up to just make food and have fun. Last year, I did it again and we had a couple more people join in. Then, this year. Just thought I would help that pregnant mind of yours. :) love ya.

  4. You always have such cute ideas for decorating your gingerbread house and Riley is totally following in your footsteps!!
    I too had a lot of fun last night. I love that we can just hang out, talk and eat yummy food. I'm all for new traditions. However, if it weren't for the annual gingerbread party, I might not even attempt making one at all. I'll do better next year....maybe :)

  5. That is too funny that you guys never made a house. I do love Riley's. We did some minature ones with one of my friends. My kids ate them by the end of the next day. I did take pictures. So I need to update.

  6. that is SOOO funny. I am getting ready to do ours tomorrow and was looking up different ideas and thought tha tyou might have posted somemthing on your site so I stopped buy to see a picture of myself :) that was unexpected :) so glad that you guys had fun...