Thursday, December 10, 2009

Migrating Placentas and Other things to be Grateful for...

I neglected to do my "Gratefuls" at Thanksgiving- but now I have even MORE to be Grateful for!!

  • My Baby's Placenta Migrated!!
YAHOOOOO!! After gaining 6 lbs this month, I am happy for this news! Not only can I get back to the GYM, but I don't have to worry about a C-section anymore! And of course-- on our ANNIVERSARY, JT is very happy for the Green Light on other activities :) Which leads me to my next Grateful. (no, not that)
  • My Man
FIVE YEARS TODAY!! On December 10th 2004, JT and I were married in the Seattle Temple. It had only been 4 months since our first day- so needless to say it was an adventure. But I knew right away that he was "the one". I can't pretend that it has ALL been sunshine and roses, but I can say that it is RIGHT. And I am surprised at how quickly I forget the thorns to notice the flowers in or marriage. I never imagined that anyone could love me so much. And he really is the pinnacle of kindness. I can't even list all of the things that he is and does and that make me happy! I look forward to the rest of Eternity together.

  • My Kids
I can't believe we are having our THIRD! Riley is such a Clown and Blake is so Fun, I don't know what entertained me before they came along! And a third will be icing on the cake.
My favorite Riley Phrase right now is during her prayers when she blesses JT's sister Megan on her mission and says "Please Bless Meggie on her Mission, To Be GOOD" :)

(I know, the pic is old, but it is still my favorite!)

  • My Family
I am grateful for all of the help on both sides of our family - especially when it comes to loving and helping out with my kids.
I am ESPECIALLY grateful for a WONDERFUL brother and sister in law who noticed me struggling a few weeks ago and were inspired to help out. Sometimes we need a break, sometimes a casserole, sometimes a shoulder to cry on-- But this time I needed some Christmas Cheer! So what did they do?? Brought over Christmas LIGHTS and helped JT put them up!! They really have no idea how much that little act of kindness has touched me. (especially because I had bought our previous lights at Big Lots for $.75 a box--- and it showed!! they looked awful!) Every night when Riley and I plug in the lights I say a little prayer of thanks for people who love me.

  • My Visiting Teachers
I have never DOUBTED that Visiting Teaching is inspired and necessary, but I have never really seen it work like they say in the Ensign articles either! Until now. I have wonderful visiting teachers who work hard to come every month and have really worked on developing a friendship with me. The past few months they have been so inspired to bring EXACTLY what I need. (not just the Choc Chip Cookies that I really did NEED this month!!) I really feel that they are with me for a reason and because they have been so consistent and loving I actually feel like I can go to them when I need them!!

  • The Gospel
What Grateful list would be complete without this? I have really felt the blessing of the Book of Mormon in my life lately. Things have been crazy for us- and I have felt so upside down and stressed out. And it seems that peace from outside sources (such as mint chocolate covered oreo cookies, buying something on sale, or even a nice talk with a friend) doesn't seem to last long enough. The ONLY thing that seems to get me through is the Gospel

One of my favorite talks from Elder Holland speaks about his call to be an Apostle and this is what he said.


Well, I can relate to that. I feel so blessed to have the Scriptures and the Truths of the Gospel in my life. I have felt so much relief, peace and comfort that I could not get anywhere else. (not even Christmas Lights from my sister in law) Not to mention direction, inspiration, and patience! I could do a whole post on my LOVE of the scriptures!

So if you see me SMILING you'll know it is ONE of these things!


  1. I am so happy to hear about this! I love you and am glad to hear that you are doing well. We need to get together again soon.

  2. I too am so glad to hear the good news! I've been thinking about you. Thanks for sharing your smiles :)

  3. That is awesome news! Seriously so happy for you and your ability to move now without worrying. Congrats...and I agree. You are one well deserving lucky girl!

  4. I LOVE that you listed Visiting Teaching as something to be grateful for. It gets easily overlooked (I have even been known to consider it a curse!) but you are so right, it's a blessing and a few minutes out of a (usually) crazy day for spiritual enlightenment.