Saturday, December 19, 2009

What to EXPECT...

We have all read it... or at least parts of it.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting

This week I needed some serious MEDICAL CONFIRMATION that I AM NOT LOSING IT!!!
(which I was beginning to think I was)

SO EVERYONE OUT THERE, including Young Women and Leaders, Relatives, Friends, yes, even strangers who might be Blog Stalking me because I am THAT cool. THIS is WHAT TO EXPECT When You are EXPECTING KATIE TYLER:

  • Clumsiness
  • Difficulty Sleeping (that causes groggy mornings)
  • Increased Day Dreaming
  • Mood Swings

Please do not expect me to PLAN ANYTHING, to SHOW UP to anything PLANNED, to REMEMBER any PLANS, or to do anything REMOTELY RELIABLE for the next 3 months! I am losing my mind. According to my mom, who is apparently a secret Dr. Oz fan, women lose a TON of brain cells during the last trimester of their pregnancy. Supposedly we gain it back right before Labor... but I am not so sure. I have already noticed the decline in Brain Capacity over the past few weeks. (In fact I had to think REALLY hard to come up with the word "decline" just now)

People say I am losing it based on the fact that I have two kids already to chase around. And that alone is sufficient for partial insanity. But I know it is MORE than that.

The bottom line is:
I don't sleep anymore without a good dose of Benadryl due to Restless Leg Syndrom.
I am so Moody that it is like playing Russian Roulette to even talk to me.
The day dreaminess is taking over reality.
And I can not remember ANY commitment, appointment, or assignment I have made in the last two weeks!!

So sorry, everyone, this is the New Katie Tyler for at least a few months. And really, I think this is like most pregnancy things --"9 months on 9 months off" -- so it may take a little longer to snap out of this.

This is my Blanket Apology to all those that I am going to stand up, forget about, be annoyed with or rude to, and to all those that I give a blank stare. AZA FAHADY. (that means sorry in Malagasy. How can I remember Malagasy and not play dates with friends???)


  1. Honestly, I can't imagine you being upset or angry. . . .so I'm having trouble imagining it being russian roullette to talk to you. And don't worry about the absent-mindedness. It will at least partially return. . . someday. :)

  2. Katie. I too have read that women loose brain cells. I have also heard that some don't come back. I found that after my 3rd, My mind is not quiet as sharp as it once was. No I wasn't all that great to beggin with but, now its worse. I'm sure it will come back some day when you have time to "think". When you are not tired. So you have about 18 + years. See you then.

  3. Um, I was going to ask if you wanted to get together next week before Christmas, but after reading this, I don't know if I want to! :) I will get all stressed out about you being moody and then you won't even show up! So, maybe we should wait for all the craziness of Christmas to pass by before we try. haha. Just kidding. I would love to see you before Christmas. If you have a free day. If not, then know that I love you even when you are losing your mind.

  4. Are we twins but you're the cute one and i'm the fat one? I feel as though you just read my mind. Got to love the benadryl.

  5. How are you with cutting hair? Safe?

  6. I am having the hardest time coming up with words too! A few days ago I sat and stared into space for a full half hour trying to come up with the word "cannibal." I don't even remember why I needed the word in the first place!!!