Monday, March 15, 2010


It is NO SURPRISE that my kids are a little crazy. I recognize that I chose to turn their lives upside down by having another child. I realize it is not their fault that I am up in the middle of the night nursing, or that EVERY time they need something- I am nursing again! And yet, I keep taking it out on them, and they are definitely taking it out on ME! We have tried giving them JT's or my undivided attention, or having Riley's favorite nursery teacher take them for a day and spoil them rotten, we have even tried the TV! But the bottom line is: This is their NEW LIFE. And we have to find some kind of compromise to get us back into REALITY...

SO I have tried PARENTING BOOKS, asking my PEDIATRICIAN, and even just throwing it all out the window and yelling... so far I haven't found a CURE for the CRAZIES...


After the kids were down for their naps, JT was paying bills, and the house was peaceful...
I grabbed my Ipod, laced up the tennis shoes, squished "the girls" into a DD Sports Bra (and that was a squish!), and took off.

Yes, My lungs hurt, My knees hurt, My ankles hurt... But after about a mile- I didn't feel like yelling at anyone! I forgot how running feels like meditation! And I WAS FREE!! For the first time in 3 weeks- I was doing something FOR ME. I wasn't doing it for Macie, or Riley, or even JT. I was all alone, running by the little pond, listening to birds, and absolutely content.

Soon, I was delusional enough (and not just because of the pain) to think I was a GOOD MOM and RETURN BACK HOME!!

Despite all of the books, advice, and help we have received these past few weeks- the thing that has made me feel like I can cope with this huge change (and not give away any of my children) was a simple run :)

But tomorrow I am going to PAY for it... my legs are SO SORE!!


  1. You just gave birth and you are running already? You are pretty amazing Katie! I think sometimes the best thing you can do for your kids is to do something for yourself. How can you take care of someone else, when you aren't taking care of numero uno, right? (not that I know anything about parenting, haha) You're awesome, way to go! =]

  2. That is how I feel at night when I can sit in a clean house even if it is for a couple hours till it will be all messed up in the morning. I watched a movie and could still smell the bleach on my hands. I LOVE that silly I know.

  3. I would totally have to agree with you on this one!! There is nothing more calming to me than a great workout! You go girl! See, you could be ready by the Rock'n Roll Half Marathon! :)

  4. wow, that is amazing that you are running after 3 weeks. At least you have found something. I'm still looking. Once I get back home, its usually back to the same yelling. So we are taking a little vacation to Vegas without the kids. It will be nice. Just Craig and I with our friends.

  5. way to take care of yourself--sometimes we put it off because it feels selfish, but in reality, it's balance. thanks for the reminder, too. :)

  6. Wow. I can't believe you went running! I don't get anywhere near a DD, but I still stayed away from anything that required bouncing. Exercising would NEVER have occurred to me while nursing! I'm so glad you found something that took the edge off though! Woo hoo for that!

  7. You are amazing, Katie! Wow. Three kids turned our world upside down. Just know that it is totally normal!!! The hormones are in charge for a little bit. Which is a good thing. Don't feel bad about anything (yelling, etc.) - just remember that you now have three kids - that is so many!!! And try to get as much sleep as possible - that will help more than anything (well, except for a run - I totally endorse that one!) You're awesome. -Love, Liz

  8. You're amazing and so right!!
    Thanks for this :)