Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i just can't do it

The Baby High is starting to wear off.

I always come home from the Hospital and spend a few weeks on cloud 9 looking at my baby and basking in the joy that comes from labor and now holding a teeny tiny new born. I don't worry about anything else but soaking up all of that baby.

Like my other two- recovery has been great! And it doesn't hurt that the SUN is out and I have been able to run a few times a week. Macie is sweet and sleepy still, so I don't even feel overwhelmed with the addition of a third!

So what has got me down??


With both Riley and Blake I was in my Pre-Pregnancy JEANS within a week or so of being home. In fact, with Blake we went on vacation to San Diego when he was 2 weeks old and I walked around the beach and pool in a BATHING SUIT!! (my pre-pregnancy TOPS never fit, because of the "extra D" that I add on with breast feeding- but that is OK) What is NOT ok is trying to cinch up Maternity jeans on my NON-Maternity butt!

I could ask: HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??

But then I remember the day before I had Macie and I ate a Donut (of course), a Cinnabon (and a half when no one was looking) 2 giant Choc cookies, and a regular cookie ON TOP of my regular meals. And although that seems extravagant- that was my diet my whole last month of pregnancy!!

My Nightly Routine has been to put the kids down and then dish up a bowl of ice cream!

My Breakfast Routine was a Donut with my Chocolate Milk and cereal!

P.S. This BLOG is for ME-- so NO ONE is ALLOWED to JUDGE or make COMMENTS on my Horrible eating the last month of pregnancy!

Anyways, Jt and I decided to go off of "Desserts" (although the word Dessert implies AFTER dinner- and I am talking desserts ALL DAY LONG) We have decided to do one free day a week that we can indulge in ice cream and cookies and whatever strange garbage I am craving...

ALL I THINK about is how I CAN'T have ice cream. And even WORSE- how I CAN'T BAKE anything!! It is EASTER TIME! My oven should be filled with Lemon Bars, Angel Food Cake, and of course Easter Egg Sugar Cookies!! And what about those cute egg shaped Rice Krispee Treats? And Riley wants to make the little Noodle Nests with Robin's Eggs... and that gets me started on Easter Candy!! It is two weeks away and I haven't even had a Cadbury Egg yet!! (no, not the mini eggs- I have actually had lots of those) I can't take it anymore!

It is ONE thing to give up eating junk during the week... but BAKING it too??? But I REALLY don't have the self restraint to bake a batch of Sugar Cookies and not eat them!

SO, do I give up?
Do I resign myself to this yucky flabby body and say what I always hear "that 3rd one is the hardest to lose"
Do I try to figure out a way to run twice as often (which is not easy juggling around 3 kids and naps and nursing every few hours!)
Do I just buck up and shut up and try to find a new hobby besides baking?



  1. I'm not in my pre-pregnancy jeans and my baby is a lot older than Macie, (like 5 months older). :) You were blessed with your other post-partums that you fit into them so soon but don't be so dang hard on yourself! How many weeks since you gave birth? I say EAT whatever the heck you want until the baby is atleast 2 months old and then scale back and worry about jeans fitting.

  2. Eat up sister. It's not going to work if you are always thinking about how awful it is. I will tell you what worked for me with #3, P90X. I LOVE the sweets but the P90X workouts are so crazy intense it doesn't matter. They are time consuming though like an hour and a half a day but at least you can do them at home so if you need to break to get your kiddo a snack or whatever it is manageable. Be prepared to feel like death for a week or so though.

  3. I agree that holidays make it harder, especially those dang adorable rice krispee eggs!! (I haven't been able to get those off my mind) Plus, baking is something that you and your kiddos love to do together. So I say don't cut it out, maybe just scale it down. And if you do make the ever popular easter sugar cookies, immediately put half on plates to give to neighbors or for VT. That way you can still have your treats but in moderation. And another thing, similar to pregnancy doesn't nursing require a slightly higher calorie intake? :)
    You are an active person by nature, so you will get back to your pre-prego body!! Hang in there :)

  4. Feeling your pain. I have started working out again. But so far no results. I also have a bad eating habbit. So, like today Jaden forgot his backpack for school and Jackson stabbed my hand with a knife. So I have no exercised and decided to eat bad stuff. Your running things got me motivated, but its the same old me. Just give it time. Your really good about this stuff, so don't over stress. Just keep up the "good"work. Other than that. No Comment.

  5. katie i totally understand what you are saying. in fact i'm going through taht right now! i've lost 13 but i'm plateaued. my body has been this size for several years inbetween babies now and doesn't want to move. I've been working out 2 times a day i just am frustrated. let me know if you come up with any good ideas :)