Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best Thing to Ever Happen to Me...

I bet you thought I was going to talk about my new little princess Macie? well, I DO NEED to write down the Adventures in Labor and all of the miracles that accompanied her birth, but not right now.

Right now, I have to write about the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME:

Meeting (well and Marrying) JT

There is an obvious chain of events that shows that without him I would not HAVE my current miracle Macie (or the other two little miracle who love to destroy my home) But even that is not necessarily WHY he is the best thing that ever happened. I guess it is everything combined.

If anyone besides JT is braving through the mushiness to read this- I apologize for how gushy I am and how lovey dovey I may sound!


  • He doesn't have a stressed out bone in his body. Even when he IS stressed out, he is still calm and laid back. He can hear the nurse at the Hospital tell him to get there immediately because his wife is having a C-section and STILL get into a car with my Dad! (this may only make sense to my family)
  • He is the world's BEST Dad. I know everyone thinks their husband is the Best Dad. (which is good, or your kids would look at JT and cry themselves to sleep at night) But he really is wonderful. He NEVER misses a chance to pile Blake and Riley on his back for Piggy Backs around the house. He is NEVER "too tired" to play, or read silly books, or change a poopy diaper.
  • He is absolutely comfortable with a newborn. Probably more so than I am! With each baby I spend the first few days obliviously smiling as he burps the baby, changes the diapers, wakes up with the baby to bring them to me in bed, rocks away the fussiness, reminds me to take the medication so I am not uncomfortable, and takes complete care of our little bundle. (usually with less sleep than even I have!)
  • He has not let me lift a FINGER since we got home from the Hospital (accept to get another cookie!) I am amazed watching him do BOTH of our jobs as I snuggle with Macie. He has taken care of the kids, given me time for hot baths, changed almost EVERY diaper (including Blake's), done the grocery shopping, cleaned the fridge (which is the ONLY thing his mother DIDN'T get a chance to clean when she snuck in and cleaned my WHOLE house while we were still in the Hospital... so at least we know where he gets it!) and rented me chick flicks!
  • Even right now, he has Blake and Riley with him at a Real Estate appointments so that Macie and I could be alone!! I am not sure I got to bond this much with Riley-- and she was the first!!
This sort of sounds like I love him because he is the ULTIMATE Nanny, Housekeeper, and Caregiver... But that is the Least of all of it! I love him because HIS selflessness makes ME want to be selfless too. I remember when we were dating I realized that he cares MORE about ME being comfortable and happy than HIMSELF. That was a foreign concept to me. To give up my coat, even if I am cold. To give up the last bite of pie, even if I want it. To leave hot water for a shower, to give up most of the bed, to wake up with the kids, whatever it is-- I feel like I am always the first in his mind. And it makes me want to be as equally loving, thoughtful, and giving.

Anyways, he IS the BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME because besides loving me more than I deserve, he makes me want to be like him-- which makes me better than I am.


  1. Wow, that does sound great. Craig stresses out easily, so 3 days after my C-section I was carrying around my giant 19 month old. So are the adventures in life. Its good that you can let him and everyone else know how much you love him. I need to do better at that. Looking forward to more pictures of Macie.

  2. Katie, this post has been so inspiring me the last few days. Thank you so much!

  3. What a sweet post. He is lucky to have a wife who appreciates the things he does for you.