Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Normally, I try to do most of my cleaning while the kids are asleep. But this is annoying because then I feel like I am trying to do EVERYTHING WHILE THEY ARE ASLEEP! ( email, Blogging, phone calls, running, cleaning, baking, eating things I don't want them to know about or don't want to share) You can see how tiring it is. And how I would need my kids to Sleep 20 Hours a Day to fit it all in! SO TODAY- while #1 was at Preschool and #3 was napping- I thought I could take on some basic cleaning with #2 being AWAKE.

I have been noticing my HORRIFYING WINDOWS ever since the sun came out, for and hour, a few weeks ago. I have been aware that IT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN! AND IF the SUN DOES come out- I WOULD LIKE to BE ABLE to SEE OUT MY WINDOWS. (when it is overcast there is NO GLARE to illuminate the filth and fingerprints on my windows)

Well, it happened today so I grabbed my Decrepit Bottle of Windex (stop laughing at me Tami) and went to work.

NO SOONER than I CLEANED My ENTIRE FIRST LEVEL OF WINDOWS (inside only, let's be honest I am not Super Woman) I discovered #2 in the Front Room DOING THIS:

This may look harmless right? Maybe you can't see the green boogies in his nose threatening to slide down my windows.

WHAT IS IT about a CLEAN WINDOW that causes Blake to RUB HIS FACE ON IT?? A few months ago at Sprint I was returning my phone (hey, has anyone noticed I have started to ANSWER MY PHONE AGAIN??? yes, I got a new one!!) and when I turned to make sure he wasn't DESTROYING their displays I CAUGHT him with his TONGUE out WIPING UP AND DOWN their GLASS DOOR!!!
Oh, Blake, I see a future job on a very tall building with a lot of soapy bubbles and a squidgy....


  1. love the pictures with the post! Someone has been working on their 90 day goals ;-) Way to go!...and don't give up, just enjoy the cuteness!

  2. So funny! I think the clean window thing is the same as a made bed...which you have to admit even begs me to come jump on it. Or a folded blanket that needs to be opened up and thrown on the floor or folded warm clothes on the couch that have to be cuddled with? Ya that's a Payton thing. Let's see...what about a pile of yuck that has just been swept? Doesn't that need to be stepped in and trailed all over the newly swept floor?

    I guess kids get their imaginations for fun when theings are cleanest. Don't we do the same thing? Love this post and the pictures make it!!!

  3. I love your blog it's so fun!


  4. Those are some of the cutest pics ever! But seriously, why is it that kids LOVE to ruin clean windows? I have just given up on cleaning mine. If they do get cleaned it's because I hand a spray bottle and cloth to the kids and they go to town. They actually do a pretty good job:)